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The Metropolitan Opera



"The performance ended with a standing ovation. Much of it went to debut of Kirsten Chambers, who took over the lead role at the last minute and who offered one of the best and most complete interpretations in decades in the Metropolitan Opera of the impetuous teenager. The soprano, of brilliant timbre, gave life to Salome with naturalness from her first appearance, making the role something fascinating. And she did so in the stylized production of Jürgen Flimm, which since its premiere in 2004 had not had such a convincing Salome."

- Eduardo Brandenburger, Ópera 

"Kirsten Chambers threw herself entirely into this impulsive character...her singing was marked by a fiery timbre and high notes that had both steely focus and shimmery luster...her confrontational duet with Jochanaan and the destructive final scene -- she offered a psychologically detailed approach.  'Dance of the Seven Veils' was handled with nuance and oozed sexuality, making hearts race."

- Christopher Browner, Classical Source Magazine

"Chambers, making her Met Opera debut. And what a debut! Her command of the role was striking, both vocally and with her presence. She was a good match for a forceful Gerhard Siegel, as Herod."

- Julia Benedict, The Virtual Dinner Party

"Kirsten Chambers made her Met debut tonight...and what a way to debut, stepping into a monster role with full nudity. She didn't show any tentativeness—a Salome really can't, she's the focus from the moment the curtain rises—and moved ably through the part. She's the scheduled cover and obviously had some rehearsal or at least time to study the production; there's a lot of business and she handled it well...she nailed it vocally and dramatically. Salome is a beast/child who can't conceive of being anything but the center of attention, stringing everyone along so she can manipulate them later. Chambers carried it from start to finish; there's a long stretch where Salome doesn't sing, but she's only off the stage for a couple minutes out of over a hundred. She got a well-deserved long, loud ovation afterwards."


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