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Catalani, LORELEY

Teatro Grattacielo

Soprano Kirsten Chambers showed great finesse in covering the range of emotion required in this aria, in which she laments the loss of her virginity to Walter, and in which she ultimately throws herself into the Rhine and to her death..

- Arlo McKinnon, Opera News

Kirsten Chambers, singing Loreley, whose voice, at once muscular and sumptuous, rose to meet the demands of Catalani’s writing. Chambers proved herself a striking actress, effortlessly conjuring up the spuming and swelling of the Rhine through her magnetic onstage presence.

- Callum John Blackmore, Parterre Box

Chambers might be considered the highlight of the night by audience response and overall performance. Her voice was radiant and her engaging charisma enthralled audience members.

- Jennifer Pyron, Operawire

The title character sung and interpreted magnificently by Kirsten Chambers brought that segment to a heady close.  Lorely is a role that I heard a number of years ago sung at La Scala by Elena Souliotis and Kirsten was her equal in my assessment.

- Robert Lombardo, from Facebook

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