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Savonlinna Opera Festival

"Kirsten Chambers... wielded the evening's most convincing dramatic arc, her character maturing from innocent young girl to emotionally complex woman in the course of the story... Throughout the ranks, the singers gave full dramatic commitment to the production."

- Ken Smith, Opera Magazine

"Savonlinna Opera Festival every year introduces to its listeners bright new stars from the opera world. Soprano Kirsten Chambers from America delivered a beautiful and radiant performance in a demanding role of Elsa."

- Sirp Estonia

"Chambers' Elsa is an externally perfect princess, beautiful, supple, gracefully moving. The voice is clean in tone and skilled, and, where appropriate, a hot, spicy chili can be found in the princess."

- Ritta-Leena Lempinen Vesa, Itä-Savo

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