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White Snake Projects

Soprano Kirsten Chambers sang three thankless parts, Mother, Gangster and Prosecutor—with versatility and commitment.

- Keith Powers, Opera News

Not to be outdone, Kirsten Chambers' range as an actress gave life to numerous supporting characters, her powerful voice moving enough to elicit sympathy even for the gangster threatening the child stars.

- Kevin Baldwin, I Care If You Listen

Soprano Kirsten Chambers covered all the other adult roles with chameleonic style.

- Zoë Madonna, The Boston Globe

Soprano Kirsten Chambers stood out in five (!) demanding dramatic supporting roles. Each time she appeared, Chambers momentarily stole the show and interrupted the smooth flow of the dramatic action. As two female gang members (Scene 2), she took on a menacing presence and introduced one of the recurring musical motives (“Snip, snip, snip”), when threatening the children. As mother (Scene 4) to both Child Singa and Child Rosa, she brought warmth and nostalgic comfort to harsh settings, dressed in more colorful garb, and sang fragments of remembered stories that would shape the girls in her care.

Kirsten Chambers’s third role was her most arresting: a take-no-prisoners opposing counsel with flowing blonde ponytail, wearing a shockingly red business skirt and jacket. Acclaimed for her portrayals of Salome (Metropolitan Opera) and her Angel in Angels in America (New York City Opera), her participation in the development of Jacobs’s and Sosa’s opera allowed them to demand Wagnerian heroic heft.

- Laura Stanfield Prichard, The Boston Musical Intelligencer

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