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Odyssey Opera

In the role of his long-lost wife Helena, Kirsten Chambers proved a worthy collaborator. She displayed a full sound which worked especially well with Strauss’ more intimate orchestrations—particularly string or flute doublings.  Chambers rose to the occasion in many of Strauss’ most rhapsodic moments—for example, when she recalls Menelaus’ rescue of her near the beginning of the first act, or reunites with a reawakened Menelaus at the end of the second. 

- Johannes, Parterre Box

Audiences clearly felt tenor Clay Hilley was up to the task with his Wagnerian power; the same could be said for the role of Helen as sung by Kirsten Chambers (last seen locally as the Infanta in Odyssey Opera's production of Zemlinsky's Der Zwerg) — this was a Helen to remember.

- Jack Craib, South Shore Music Critic

Kirsten Chambers rose in the the part throughout the first act and soared in the aria that opened the second act and through to the end. 

- Steven Ledbetter, The Boston Musical Integellincer

Kirsten Chambers made an ideal Helen, from a physical standpoint…she sang quite well, with a lovely soprano instrument, and total commitment to the role.  

- Ed Tapper, Edge Media Network

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